Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oakleaf Bearers

By John Flanagan

Book four starts when Will and Evanlyn are ready to start home when Evanlyn is taken of by mysterious horse man while getting food. Will goes to find her when he discovers her late at night tried in the camp of horse man.
Halt and Horace come to the border of skandia when they discover the skandian dead they follow the trail of hooves. Will tries to rescue Evanlyn but is out numbed but Halt comes to the rescue. they then join up and start to make there way home when they run into a party of skandian which blame Halt for killing the border guards Erak is there and recognise Will and Evanlyn as the two he had caught at the bridge and befriended them in hallasholm. Halt then works with Erak and together they find out that the ones who killed the border guards were a scouting party for a massive invasion that would put all there kingdom's in peril.
Halt has duty to protect his kingdom which he plans to uphold even if it means fighting along-side skandians sworn enemies to their kingdom to save their own.

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