Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ice Bound Land

By John Flanagan

Book three is about how Will and Evanlyn survive Skandier's cold winter months. After being caught burning the bridge by Skandians and taken across the Stormy white sea to Hallasholm were they worked as slaves until they escaped to a hunting loge to spend the winter and get ready to leave Skandia.
Halt being torn by his duty to his king and going after Will decides to rescue Will which means being banished from the kingdom and being expelled from the ranger crops. He sails to Gallica with Horace who promised him-self he would help rescue Will. Together they cross Gallica with Horace earning him-self a reputation as the oak leaf knight. They push on to the border of Skandia after an unpleasant encounter with the warlord Deparnieux challenging Horace's reputation.

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