Sunday, June 5, 2011


My baby brother is currently ten weeks old and healthy, he was born 10 pound 9, Bass is one of the happiest babies I have seen.

Bass is a great baby and I am love having him in the family.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Chain Saw

We got a chain saw for my Dad's birthday.
A few weeks later he decided to use it for the first time on half a tree that had fallen on our cattle yards in a storm. two days ago he used it for the first time while he cut the branches my brothers and I dragged the branches to the bonfire after we finished building that bonfire we went to chop some branches in the bush to build another bonfire. Last night we had a big storm and then we found out that it had blown down the other half of the tree crushing the cattle yard fence.


I am going to have another brother/sister in three weeks I am so excited!

My Mother at seven little Australian's plus one is going to have to change it to seven little Australian's plus two.

Monday, February 7, 2011

P plate

On the fourth of February my seventeen year old sister went for her P's and when she came home she was smiling from ear to ear and on her car was a P instead of a L we all congratulated her and that night she drove in to town without Dad or Mum

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sorcerer In The North

John Flanagan

Book five is about how Will has finally finished his five year training period and is assigned to a fief of his own were he finds his training has just begun when he gets thrown into the mystery of the sorcerer in the north.

With the help of Alyss his childhood sweet heart he faces the night warrior and uncovers the real truth behind the strange happenings in the north.

With his new friends he must use his wit his courage and all his skill to stop what could become a major war.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oakleaf Bearers

By John Flanagan

Book four starts when Will and Evanlyn are ready to start home when Evanlyn is taken of by mysterious horse man while getting food. Will goes to find her when he discovers her late at night tried in the camp of horse man.
Halt and Horace come to the border of skandia when they discover the skandian dead they follow the trail of hooves. Will tries to rescue Evanlyn but is out numbed but Halt comes to the rescue. they then join up and start to make there way home when they run into a party of skandian which blame Halt for killing the border guards Erak is there and recognise Will and Evanlyn as the two he had caught at the bridge and befriended them in hallasholm. Halt then works with Erak and together they find out that the ones who killed the border guards were a scouting party for a massive invasion that would put all there kingdom's in peril.
Halt has duty to protect his kingdom which he plans to uphold even if it means fighting along-side skandians sworn enemies to their kingdom to save their own.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ice Bound Land

By John Flanagan

Book three is about how Will and Evanlyn survive Skandier's cold winter months. After being caught burning the bridge by Skandians and taken across the Stormy white sea to Hallasholm were they worked as slaves until they escaped to a hunting loge to spend the winter and get ready to leave Skandia.
Halt being torn by his duty to his king and going after Will decides to rescue Will which means being banished from the kingdom and being expelled from the ranger crops. He sails to Gallica with Horace who promised him-self he would help rescue Will. Together they cross Gallica with Horace earning him-self a reputation as the oak leaf knight. They push on to the border of Skandia after an unpleasant encounter with the warlord Deparnieux challenging Horace's reputation.